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Module 1: Stock Market Basics

  • Choosing an online Stock Broker
  • Stock Market Basics
  • How the Stock Market Works?
  • How and When to Buy and/or Sell Stocks.
  • Valuing Stocks.
  • How to build your wealth through stocks.


Module 2: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Cycles and Trends of Stock prices
  • Performance of various stock markets.
  • What is ETFs ?
  • Types of ETFs
  • High Growth Potential ETFs.
  • ETFs investment Strategies.


Module 3: Steps to Successful Investing

  • Identify the Best Businesses.
  • Invest in undervalued stocks.
  • When to exit when stocks are overvalued.


Module 4: Fundamental Analysis of a Business

  • Analysing Financial Statements
  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows interpretation.
  • Stock Screener using online tools.


Module 5: How to value a Stock?

  • Intrinsic value calculation of a stock.


Module 6: Technical Analysis

  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • Identifying Market Trends and Cycles
  • Understanding Support and Resistance Levels
  • Identifying Trends with Moving Averages.


Module 7: Zero to Hero Stock Investing Analysis

  • Zero to Hero Stock Value Investing™ Analysis
  • Module


8: Diversify with a winning portfolio

  • Always diversify your portfolio to minimise your risk
  • Difference between defensive and cyclical Stocks
  • Stock Investment Categories


Module 9: Finding Investment Opportunities

  • Finding the best investment opportunities
  • Using online stock screeners to filter out the best stocks.
  • Monitoring your own portfolio
  • Exiting an investment.


Module 10: Formula for Success

  • Formula for Success.
  • Lessons from top investors.
  • Never attempt to predict the market or believe in financial “experts”.